Malaysian Franchise Association

July 28, 2011 · Leave a Comment
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One of the most important bodies in Malaysia is the Malaysian Franchise Association. It was established in 1994 to help the government in supporting and implementing programs in entrepreneurship using the franchise concept.
The MFA as it is know, is well established to be the resource centre for anyone with any interest in franchising. This can be franchisers, franchisees or the people of the public in general. MFA is envisioned to expand and develop the franchising landscape of the country where it holds a directory of members that include government agencies, government authorities, regulatory bodies, banks, financial institutions, accounting firms, franchise consultants, legal parties, franchisers, would-be franchisor, master franchisees, vendors, suppliers and quarters involved in this type of business. The MFA have also implemented a Code of Ethics of a Professional Conduct of Franchise Practitioners.

Its other roles and functions, apart from enforcing the Code of Ethics, include coordinating and educating the public through programs and roadshows in terms of franchising, undertake activities which are involved in promoting the business model. It is also a registry to provide and disseminate information on franchising while providing input and feedback to the government on issues and matters related to these areas. It also provide training courses, hold talks and seminars to further develop the business sector.

Essentially, the MFA is the government linked body that provides information and resources for anyone who would like to find out more information about what it takes to form a successful franchising business model.

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